Plant and Machinery

Econpile has one of the largest and most advanced arrays of piling equipment in Malaysia.

We own hydraulic and mechanical rigs of various brands and models, majority of which are manufactured by German-based Bauer Group. The selection of rigs is complemented with a wide range of customised accessories such as soil augers, boring buckets and coring tools. In addition, we have vibratory hammers with various capacities to help with the driving of casings and foundation supports into the ground.

Supporting our piling operation is a wide range of general construction equipment. Our extensive fleet of crawler cranes have the lifting capacity ranging from 30 tonnes to 100 tonnes. We also own and maintain various excavators, some of which with long reach capability which are ideal for basement work.

Hydraulic Rigs
Units by Bauer with models ranging from BG7 to BG40 as well as units by G-Klemm and Liebherr capable of constructing piles up to 3200mm in diameter and up to 100m in depth

Mechanical Rigs
Units by CMV, Calweld, Soilmec, Watson capable of constructing piles ranging up to1800mm in diameter and up to 80m in depth

Diaphragm Wall
Diaphragm wall grabs ranging from 0.6m to 0.8m in width

Crawler Cranes
Units with lifting capacity ranging from 30 tonnes to 100 tonnes

CMobile Cranes
Units with lifting capacity ranging from 20 tonnes to 40 tonnes

Units by Kobelco, Hitachi, Komatsu and Sumitomo with various capacities

Vibratory Hammers
Units by PTC with various capacities (PTC13 to PTC100)

Tools and Accessories
Wide range of custom designed soil augers, boring buckets, cleaning buckets, coring buckets, coring tools, various diameter temporary steel casings, double wall casings